Van Eeghen foot care

Van Eeghen foot care


A bunion is an unnatural, painful bump at the base of the big toe. The toe is a little fused and is often tilted inwards, making the foot less suitable for the shoe. Too little space for the toes in shoes or very high-heeled shoes, can also be the cause of a bunion.


With heavy forms of Hallux Valgus (bunion), surgery may be the only solution. With lighter forms it is often possible to do something about it yourself. There are splints or tape that straightens the toe. These can be used either at night or during the day. Special shoes or a special footbed can also provide relief.



To ensure that the hump does not cause additional pain by sanding against the shoes, and to relieve the pain, we have selected a number of products that help with bunion below.

Min: €0 Max: €20

GEHWOL Bunion cushion G

Skin friendly, soft, highly elastic polymer gel pad.


GEHWOL Cushion for hammer toe G

Pressure relief for hammer toe.


BIOGAZE wound compress

This can't be missed in your first-aid kit.


KLINION Mesitran

Wounds will heal quicker than ever!


LEUKOMED Absorbent wound dressings

So gentle, so absorbent.


LEUKOPOR Leukopor plaster

Finally a plaster that is comfortable and painless.

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