Happy Hiking

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Happy Hiking

Happy Hiking

As you walk your way to better health don't let your feet slow you down! With the International Four Day March in Nijmegen (Vierdaagse Nijmegen July 18th -21st) drawing close, we're keeping on our toes with foot care!

At the outset of the event the participants were all of military positions, but after 100 years of happy hiking up to 40,000 a year are taking the step. Whether you're hiking 50km a day or 5km, avoid ailments on your walk with the right preparation and response to all your feet faux pas.


These boots are made for walking?

Selecting the right footwear for your adventure is the first step in protecting from pain;

Low Cut Hiking Shoes
For a mixed terrain trail of both flat and hilled land a low ankle cut hiking shoe is ideal as it provides adequate mobility while being far lighter than the average hiking boot. The lightweight choice of footwear allows for a faster pace and the use of more breathable materials which will limit blisters as perspiration can easily breakout. Note that for longer hikes opting for leather ankle overlay will allow for more support in holding your foot in place and help to prevent low ankle sores and blisters.


Hiking Boots
With extra grip and sturdy ankle support, a good heavy boot will be your best friend for long term trek. The higher ankle support will avoid twisted ankles while Gore-Tex inner lining gives foot fitting comfort all hike long. This versatile pick is ideal for the trailblazers among us.

Now we're left questioning if Nancy Sinatra's knee high, heeled go-go boots really are made for walking...


Prep for perfect, painless feet

Before setting out on your lengthy wander a key care step is sorted with the use of FUSSPUNKT Foot cream with lipids. This product is rich in all organic, active, ingredients working together to easily achieve firm, smooth skin while combatting unwanted odors. The ingredients are constrained by glycerin which acts as a protective layer on the skin trapping in the body's natural moisture and in turn stopping feet from cracking and drying out on long expeditions. Simply generously apply the soothing cream daily on the run up to your hike for the best results.

For of those of you bearing bunions don't fret, the GEHWOL Bunion cushion G adds extra comfort in turn allowing for an easier walk! The polymer gel pad acts in relieving the pressure and the sleek design makes it an effortless fit into your hiking shoes under your socks.


The on-hike feet fixes

A bright tip for on the go is to pack this must have power product;

The NO BRAND plastic travel container allows you to hold 12 of your creams, gels and ointments in an ideally compact product. This hiking hero makes it possible to carry just the right amount of ALL the essentials from FAGRON Vaseline Paraffine for instant replenishment of dried out heels to REYMERINK Podilon skin disinfection for any on the road wounds without weighing you down!


The aftermath antidotes

No matter how well prepared you are for the road ahead, the possibility of reaching the end aches or next day discomfort is a dreaded prospective. Luckily, there's now a readily available relaxing leg gel that will instantly ease your ailments. The ZARQA Relaxing legs gel is jam packed with blood circulating ingredients. The dead sea minerals actively reduce muscle stiffness through detoxification of the skin!


If you're planning on going the extra mile this summer prep and care for your feet generously and simply with the leading protecting and healing goods all found in the one place at https://www.vaneeghenfootcare.nl/ Happy hiking!



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